The DC Office® 

The regulatory information service for communications professionals 

If you use our service we’re sure the benefits in time and effort saved and scope of content delivered will substantially outweigh the cost

Our web-based offering delivers to clients original content and source documents with a clear focus on regulatory proposals and decisions that shape Federal policy in telecommunications, broadcasting and the Internet, at the FCC, Congress and the courts.

Information is delivered as events unfold throughout the day, via the Internet and a series of alerts and e-mail “push” features tailored by individual users to meet their particular needs.

Our clients include leading law firms and communications companies, independents, libraries, and professional associations who expect exceptional content quality, organization, and delivery  (client list).

You can try, our web-based and email-alerts service, by accepting our no-obligation free trial offer, including one-on-one guidance and instruction to ensure that you receive the full benefit of the service.

This service is available at a fixed annual price for unlimited user accounts for organizations, and a single-user price for independents. Users can expect to pay less than $3 per day, and unlimited accounts for organizations drives the per-user cost even lower.

To evaluate the service directly, please send a note to and we’ll contact you to provide more information and answer any questions you may have.